Giving BAck

Cherrybean Coffee cares about our local community. We are passionate about supporting our local youth programs, which can encompass a wide variety of positive experiences in their lives. Today's youth deal with a lot of tough issues and it is important that they are able to be in a place that promotes the positive values that will help them on their life journey.

We support youth programs from sporting activities to music and art clubs to youth groups. We strongly feel that Church youth groups can give kids a place to voice the issues they are facing and learn more about what the Bible says about life, sin and how to live in a way that is pleasing to Christ.

We have a give back program to support youth. If any organization that works with youth would like to begin brewing Cherrybean Coffee, we will donate $1 for every pound of coffee purchased to support your youth activities.



Does your team need new uniforms? Does your club need to purchase new equipment? Is your youth group looking to support an upcoming trip? Cherry bean Coffee Company can help!

Why choose Cherrybean?
Cherrybean Coffee Co. is a small, independent company that is family owned and operated. We only buy, roast and sell Fair trade coffee beans and we are certified USDA organic. When you partner with us, you're partnering with a local company to support your local community.

Why sell coffee?
Coffee is the worlds 2nd most traded commodity next to oil AND the US consumes more coffee than any other country. Already being a daily consumable in millions of American homes, a coffee fundraiser provides a great source of revenue for your organization.

How much can you make doing a coffee fundraiser?
Your group will make $7 for every 1# bag you sell (you buy the coffee for $8 and sell the bags for $15 each).  If your group of 25 each sell 10 bags of coffee your profit will be $1750, if you each sell 15 bags you’ll earn $2625, and so on!

Who can benefit from a coffee fundraiser?
Church groups, school clubs, sports teams, youth groups and community organizations to name a few

How does it work?
1) Set a goal for how much money you want to raise
2) Determine your sale dates (we recommend 2 weeks)
3) Your club and Cherrybean will decide which coffee you'd like to sell (4-6 blends)
4) Design your own label
5) Sell, sell, sell!
6) Send your order to Cherrybean...we'll roast it, package it, and deliver it within 5-7 days
7) Deliver your freshly roasted coffee to your customers

Want to get started?
Contact Jennifer by phone at (605)-750-0222, email at or click on the 'Contact Us' link below.